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Characteristics and Merits of CFP(ColdForgingProgressive) stamping

Characteristics and Merits of CFP(ColdForgingProgressive) stamping

  1. CFP is the innovative stamping method which combined Cold Forging and Progressive stamping.
  2. CFP replaces other methods such as sintering, machining and grinding and brings in large cost reduction.
  3. CFP tooling is developed, designed and made in-house. So it is very flexible to respond to customers’ request.
  4. CFP speedily produces complex shaped parts from sheet metal.

CFP’s Case Example

Complex Shape

case①:Cycloid Gear Part from t=10.5mm metal
material: Hot-coiled sheet metal, t=10.5mm

This precision gear is manufactured in an Automation Line which covers blank carrier, stamping and cleaning so we can get the finished part. The high precision tooling has more than 20 stations in total and press machines are the ones customized with machine makers.
Furthermore, in order to achieve a part’s required tolerance, we must make the tooling accuracy less than a single micron. For this, those tooling parts are made by unique machines in the plant of which the temperature and vibration are strictly controlled.

Single Micron Level

case②:CFP gives 60 times better productivity and 85% cost reduction than machining!

Cycloid Gear (material:hot-coiled steel、t=6.5mm)

case③:NO Shear Droop & 90% Shear Plane with Hardly Workable Material!

Ring (material:Chromium Molybdenum Steel, t=2.5mm)

※NSD stands for No shear Droop which controls Shear Droop occurred by blanking.
Please check here for details.

Weight Saving and Strength Improvement

case④:CFP brings in 23% weight saving & strength improvement compared to sintering & machining!

2 Steps Gear (material:hot-coiled steel, t=7.5mm)

Process Reduction

case⑤:Reduction of the number of parts and welding process

Link (material:hot-coiled steel, t=7.0mm)