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SYVEC Corporation (SYVEC)  believes trust from customers precedes all others and regards keeping their privary information correct and confidential as our obligation. Therefore SYVEC institutes “Privacy Policy” as follows and has all employees and partner companies observe it. This policy applies all privacy information including the one we have already had.

Privacy Policy

(1)Information Collection

We gather privacy information according to all related law in proper way. We will firstly explain the purpose and use of such information to the customer then gather the information with in the limits of our purpose when we request to open.

(2)Use of Privacy Information and Sharing

Privacy information which we get would be used in accordance with the Purpose of Use. Purpose of Use is things which we need as far as ‘Case of the Purpose of Use’ as follows;

●Case of the Purpose of Use
  • When we have job-related contact.
  • When we give a notice regarding to our product and service.
  • When we response to contact or request from customers.
  • When we got an agreement from customers in advance.
●Case of use except above

In the case we need to use privacy information except above, we will ask customer to agree it excluding the case permitted by law.

(3)Disclosure privacy information to the third party

We do not disclose any privacy information without permission. It, however, is not applied when we are obligated to disclose by any applicable law.

(4)Reference and Revision of Privacy Information

Please request to the following contact person if you would like to refer, revise and delete the privacy information. The information would be disclosed, revise and delete if we could confirm you are the person him/herself except the case your request can bring in a big effect on our business.

(5)Commission Fee

We may ask claimant to defray commission fee, if necessary. In this case, we would notice it in advance.

Compliance with the law relating to the protection of privacy information

We comply with the law which is applied for privacy protection. This policy is under Japanese laws and provide basic object of our privacy information treatment.

Security Control Measures

We set security control system in order to protect privacy information from loss, destruction, manipulation and leakage and keep security and accuracy by limiting people enter into the office which has privacy information,  educating all the related employees and appointing a responsible person.

Continuous Improvement

We continuously improve our privacy protection according to the revision of Japanese law and environment changes.


Please contact the following contact person regarding to privacy protection.

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