'Next generation electric mobility'
Open up the future

Towards a road I have never traveled before

Future semiconductor and information transmission technologies will lead to an era of new possibilities for connections.

How will digital technology change the way we live?

'Carbon neutral society'
Possibilities of a future with hydrogen as a hub

What possibilities will "fuel cell separators" bring to our future?

Idea & Technology
Value Engineering for Customers

Creating value for customers
with ideas and technology

We are constantly pursuing new ideas and technologies
in order to propose the best solutions.

SYVEC Corporation is a press processing manufacturer that has been supplying high-precision, high-quality press parts to customers in a wide range of fields since its founding in 1973.
With our unique CFP (Cold Forging Progressive), it is possible to process complex three-dimensional shapes from sheet materials with high precision.
SYVEC Corporation always takes on the challenge of developing new technologies and continues to create products that meet customer needs. We will continue to live up to the trust of our customers as a top manufacturer of ultra-precision press processing.

The evidence of the past
becomes the foundation
of the future.

SYVEC Corporation is constantly improving metal stamping technology, pursuing cutting-edge technology, and contributing to solving social issues by utilizing advanced technology. We will create happiness for people through advanced technology and social contribution.

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FactoryUnderground Factory

Here's a company that decided to go underground

Why do we fight underground?