Company Overview

Corporate Profile

Company Name SYVEC Corporation
Representation CEO   Kozo Hirabayashi
Location 1000-15 Minamihara Goubara Hirooka Shiojiri Nagano 399-0704, JAPAN
TEL: +81-263-51-1800
FAX: +81-263-51-1808
Founded 1973 October
Capital 80 million yen
Employees 72 (averaged age: 36 y.o.)
※ Institute of Value Technology 13
Manufacturing Dept.  29
Die Making Dept.  11
CS(Customer Smile) Dept. 17
Management Dept. 2
Business Description Developing, designing and making high precision die and stamping
Business Field  [Business Items]Automotive functional part, Automotive precision part, Medial Part, Electric tool part, Optical instrument part, peripherals part
Certificated International Standard ISO 9001 (1995.12)
ISO 14001 (1998.1)
ISO/TS16949 (2004.4)
ISO 50001 (2013.4)
Main Customers DENSO
Panasonic Communications
Line Bank Hachijuni-bank, Nagano-bank, Mizuho-bank, Risona-bank


Month-Year Description of Business
Octover-73 Shin-Yu Industry was founded
April-91 Changed company name to SYVEC Corporation
July-94 Had a technology licensing contract with Oberg in U.S.
March-97 Had a technology licensing contract with Amtek in Singapore
January-02 Had a CFP technology licensing contract with Aisin
August-07 Received an Award at 2nd Monozukuri Nippon Grand Contest
November-10 Received “The Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry’s Award” at Technology Contest
November-10 Received “Cooperate Excellent Prize” at Good Company Award
May-11 Received ” Technology Award” from Denso
May-12 Received “Cost-Performance Award” from Denso
August-12 Built new factory in 11m underground
September-13 Got a license as Medical Device Manufacturer
March-14 Approved as “Global Niche Top Company” from Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
May-14 Received “Good-Quality Award” from Denso
May-16 Received “Good-Quality Award” from Denso
May-20 Received “Good-Quality Award” from Aisin

Access map

By Car: 15 min from Shiojiri Interchange
By Train: 10 min driving from Shiojiri Station

1000-15 Minamihara Goubara Hirooka Shiojiri-city Nagano 399-0704, JAPAN
FAX: +81-263-51-1808