Company Overview

Corporate Profile

Company Name SYVEC Corporation
Representation CEO   Yasunobu Shirai
CEO   Masataka Hirabayashi
Location 1000-15 Minamihara Goubara Hirooka Shiojiri Nagano 399-0704, JAPAN
TEL: +81-263-51-1800
FAX: +81-263-51-1808
Founded 1973 October
Capital 80 million yen
Employees 80 (averaged age: 39 y.o.)

Institute of Value Technology 18
Manufacturing Dept.  22
Die Making Dept.  13
CS(Customer Smile) Dept. 16

Management Dept. 4

Medical Dept. 7

Business Description Developing, designing and making high precision die and stamping
Business Field  [Business Items]Automotive functional part, Automotive precision part, Medial Part, Electric tool part, Optical instrument part, peripherals part
Certificated International Standard ISO 9001 (2015)(QC20J0015)
ISO 14001 (2015)(EC12J0021)
Main Customers DENSO
Panasonic Communications
Line Bank Hachijuni-bank, Nagano-bank, Mizuho-bank, Risona-bank


Month-Year Description of Business
Octover-73 Shin-Yu Industry was founded
April-91 Changed company name to SYVEC Corporation
July-94 Had a technology licensing contract with Oberg in U.S.
March-97 Had a technology licensing contract with Amtek in Singapore
January-02 Had a CFP technology licensing contract with Aisin
August-07 Received an Award at 2nd Monozukuri Nippon Grand Contest
November-10 Received “The Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry’s Award” at Technology Contest
November-10 Received “Cooperate Excellent Prize” at Good Company Award
May-11 Received ” Technology Award” from Denso
May-12 Received “Cost-Performance Award” from Denso
August-12 Built new factory in 11m underground
September-13 Got a license as Medical Device Manufacturer
March-14 Approved as “Global Niche Top Company” from Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
May-14 Received “Good-Quality Award” from Denso
May-16 Received “Good-Quality Award” from Denso
May-20 Received “Good-Quality Award” from Aisin

Access map

By Car: 15 min from Shiojiri Interchange
By Train: 10 min driving from Shiojiri Station

1000-15 Minamihara Goubara Hirooka Shiojiri-city Nagano 399-0704, JAPAN
FAX: +81-263-51-1808