Eco-friendly Activities

Installation of solar panel system

SYVEC installed solar panels on the roof of new plant. It exchanges solar energy to electricity, and reduce CO2 emission.

Record of Performance This Year

Maximum system voltage:  600V
Official  weight: 19.oKg
Official maximum output: 240W
Official released voltage: 37.16V
Annual  power generation: 190,476Kw

Recycling for environment and society

SYVEC has done recycling and used the profit for social contributions. Thanks to the support of our employees and their families, we were able to give two walkers to a nursing home near by this term.

Cleaning up our industrial park

SYVEC locates in Shiojiri Goubara Industrial Park, and has cleaned up the industrial park for some years.
Now, we take a turn to pick up trash on Friday once a month when we have cleaning time.
Please take a look at pictures taken when we had a monthly cleaning in the industrial park.
We don’t pay much attention when we go through these roads, but we were able to find this much trash once we carefully check there. SYVEC also takes part in Shiojiri’s “eco-walk” and cleaning up events held near by.
We thank again that we can work here everyday and hope to improve the environment even more.

  • ゴミ拾いの様子
  • 会社周辺清掃
  • 社外清掃

Collecting PET bottles

We collect PET bottles and its caps wasted at company and also our employees’ home.
Those bottles are given to recycling traders and reformed to
・pack for eggs
・garbage bag
・fiber strings for cloth
We spend the money getting from the recycling for our local community. For example, we send wheel chairs and walkers to the city and a nursing home.
The money out of caps will be used for giving vaccine to children all over the world, and it’s called “eco-cap activity”.

  • ペットボトルキャップ回収
  • ペットボトル回収
  • エコキャップ活動