Development of Reduction Gears

SYVEC can make cycloid gears by stamping using its precision cold forging techniques. Therefore, SYVEC can provide cycloid reductions at lower cost.

Merits of Forming Cycloid Gears by Stamping

high reduction ratio
Reduction ratio can be set from 10 to 150 since the gap of teeth number between gears can be small in this structure.
It brings high reduction ratio only with a single step, and multiple stages are not required, the gear box can be compact.
high efficiency
It is not slipping gear but rolling gear, so the loss from friction can be saved small.

SYVEC’s Cycloid Reductions




<Usual Cycloid Reductions>
Its good efficiency performance is well known, but the teeth profile is complex and difficult to make without machining.
→Production cost has been the bottle neck.
<SYVEC’s Cycloid Reductions>
Make gears by stamping
→Cycloid reductions can be provided lower cost than usual.
SYVEC can also machine gears in prototyping phases, so please feel free to contact us.

Contents of Stamped Cycloid Gears’ Development

Design of Cycloid Reduction Unit Feasible for Stamping

SYVEC uses CAE analysis for structural design, and simulate its efficiency and performances before actually making the reduction.
Gear profiles which SYVEC proposes are uniquely designed considering stamping formability and reduction performance. (Patented 5970653)


●Specification of Reduction Unit

Gear-shape Cycloid
Reduction Ratio 125
Character Output shaft is concentric with Motor

Development of Standard Design-Reductions

SYVEC now develops standard reductions.
・It doesn’t have to be specially designed, so want to try cycloid reduction freely.
・Want to use cycloid reductions, but not having enough volume to cover original toolings. etc.
SYVEC plans to start retailing cycloid reductions in catalogue in order to cover these needs by customers. We stamp gears and lower the cost of reductions.
We plan to have the reduction ratio range between 10 to 150.
Please contact us for more details.


What are Cycloid Gears?

Cycloid curve is a line tracing a point of a small circle rolling on a pitch circle.

Gears using this curve is called cycloid gears.

Its rolling contacts doesn’t get much affection of friction, so its efficiency is high. It gives high reduction ratio at one step, so the high-reduction ratio gear box can be compact.