New Technology

Development of New Technology

Mirror-Surfaced SYVEC-punch

SYVEC and AMADA improved the table scaling technology of DV-1,  a ultra precision profile grinder. This enabled SYVEC to sharpen up the punch with the letter-width 1.0mm, and the quality Rz0.17μm. This precision work is also due to the ultra-precision process setting.

Profile Grinding of Carbide(Tip: 0.2mm square)

SYVEC challenged to make the tip very small as 0.2mm square from 10x10x70mm sized cemented carbide(RD50). We successfully made a blade 10mm long with its profile accuracy under 1μm.

Mirror Shearing of Carbon Steel

Usually, carbon steel tend to have fractured surface in the most area or second shear plane when it is being blanked. However, SYVEC realized  mirror shearing in micron order using its original shaving technique.

Ultra-precision Grinding (Right-angled Block/ Mirror Grinding)

A 100mm cube which is made from eight 50mm-square-blocks. SYVEC realized its flatness 0.8μm by mirror grinding.

Ultrastructural Projection Forming

SYVEC established tool forming technique to make ultrastructual projection forming from aluminum (A1050、t=0.2mm).

NSD Blanking

We developed and named our innovative blanking technology without shear droop as NSD(No Shear Droop) Blanking.

Ultra-Precision Blanking!Mirror Shearing

SYVEC developed ultra precision blanking method using shaving process in stamping. This is different from fine blanking which is known as precision shearing.


CFP Technology

Unification of Pressure-release-valve (Rechargeable Battery)

Conventionally, pressure release valve and the battery cover were welded. However, SYVEC unified 0.3mm-thick-pressure release valve and 1.5mm-thick-battery cover using CFP technology.