YUME Factory

Little Vibration Space

YUME plant

There is little vibration in underground as special seismic isolation covers around the plant.

Room Temperature Control :23±0.3℃

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Eco-Friendly Air Conditioning using Geothermy

Eco-Friendly Air Conditioning using Geothermal

Merit of Underground Factory

The chart below is the comparison of YUME factory (underground) and grond-factory assumed to have same condition as YUME factory considering the effect on economy and environment. It clearly shows that underground condition brings in large cost reduction of air-conditioning. Even construction cost of underground is 25% higher than ground one, the cost reduction still can cover it.
This system also results in reduction of CO2 emission. So we can say that underground facility is a big merit on our quality and Eco-action.

Location Ground Underground Decreasing Rate
Construction Cost 1 1.25 -25%
Air-Conditioning System Chiller Unit
Air-Conditioning Capacity 1 0.77 23%
Initial Investment 1 0.38 62%
Running Cost 1 0.6 40%
CO2 Emission 456.0t/year 310.7t/year 32%